Glass Curtains

Use our frameless Glass Curtains to transform the style and functionality of home!

The patented design has been used around the world in domestic and commercial applications for over 20 years.
We represent the Australian arm of the global Glass Curtains brand, servicing Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and South Australia.

glass curtains

Glass Curtains Applications

Our glass windows and doors are made for internal and external applications in domestic and commercial projects. The invisible weather proof seal and locking mechanism ensures that the panels can be used for all types of weather conditions. As you will see from our projects, some common applications include patios, alfrescos, balcony's, outdoor rooms and servery windows. Integrating our frameless curtains allows you to let in the natural light, optimise your views and open up your area to create an open plan living space. The system is a bottom weighted design (not top hung) that can be fit to an existing space with no additional engineering. This makes it the perfect solution for either renovations or new building projects.


Once the handle is disengaged, glass panels slide across the frame and pivot open. All panels neatly stack together. When all the panels are retracted, your space is completely open with unrestricted access between the areas. When you design your system, you can specify the side and direction you would like your panels to open. When the system is closed, it is locked and secure. There is an additional key lock option if required. Our uniquely designed frame allows for glass panels to slide with no effort, making it perfect for children and adults. .

Custom Design Glass Curtains

The system is customised to suit the style and looks of your property. This means that we can change the frame colour, optimise the width of the glass panels and specify the side and direction panels open towards. To integrate further, our bottom frame can be recessed into your flooring.

Installations of Frameless Glass Curtains

Here are some of the latest installations in Australia!
All our installations are custom specifications that are designed for the clients preferences.
We can change the configuration, panel numbers and colour as needed. No two installations are the same!

Window Servery Example
Window Servery Example
An example of a hospitality application with fully retractable glass curtains
Balcony Enclosure Example
Balcony Enclosure Example
An example of a balcony enclosure to reduce wind and street noise
Domestic Bedroom Example
Domestic Bedroom Example
An example of a bedroom access door with a recessed frame

Benefits of Glass Curtains

Invisible weather proof seals that compress together for externally facing applications
Bottom Weighted
All the weight is on the bottom which means no additional overhead support
Toughened Glass
10mm or 12mm toughened glass with additional glass options available
Slim Frame
A slim line frame that can be recessed to provide a sleek finish to your home